Refiner’s Fire!


“Refiner’s Fire!” is watercolor #3 In the Transforming Injustice! Series.

To purchase this or other watercolor prints, click HERE.

To visit the Transforming Injustice! narrative page where you will be able to read about the inspiration behind this series, click HERE.

The painting is inspired by a photo of a Minneapolis check-cashing business burning to the ground as a protester raises his fist. (Photographer: John Minchillo / AP)

This watercolor is almost completely filled with fire — raging, out of control, consuming fire. In the center, a man stands in the embers unafraid, raising a clenched fist. Why is he raising his fist? In protest of racial injustice? Or perhaps to welcome the refiner’s fire, the kind of fire it will require for America to dismantle racial injustice! 

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