Riot Gear, Projectiles, Tear Gas and Tears!

“Riot Gear, Projectiles, Tear Gas and Tears!” is watercolor #2 In the Transforming Injustice! Series.

To purchase this or other watercolor prints, click HERE.

To visit the Transforming Injustice! narrative page where you will be able to read about the inspiration behind this series, click HERE.

My  inspiration for this painting is a news photo of Minneapolis police in riot gear confronting protesters while deploying tear gas and projectiles. The photographer is Kerem Yucel.

Clashes between police and protesters erupted across the country as thousands descended on the streets, pleading for justice in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Since his death on May 31, 2020, protesters have continued their advocacy in the streets of cities across the nation. Can you find hope in this painting?

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