About Me

My family calls me Opie, short for Kalliope, which is my first name. Others know me as Kathy or Kathryne. Watercolors by Kalliope came about late in life for me, but it has been nothing but pleasure and enjoyment.

Some of my watercolors are appealing, some not so much. But they are all teaching me a great deal about patience and leisure time. The art has been a blessing. I hope you enjoy looking at what I paint in the days to come.

To view thumbnails of each watercolor, follow this link:


Thank you for looking at my watercolors. Enjoy!

Blessings to you,

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Suzii Paynter March says:

    I love your “theology of making .” I too am a maker- quilting , sculpture in terra cotta clay , fabric collage & other textile adventures.

    I sincerely believe that creativity is essential
    to the fount of ministry in my life and experience . I have recently been listening to Makoto Fujimura ( artist) reflect on the creative journey and his theology as an artist.

    So glad to reconnect.
    Grace in all corners ,


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