About Me and My Art

Kalliope’s Watercolors are expressions of my journey. They are varied and random, and they emerge from the deepest part of me.

So you might find whimsey in one watercolor and devotion in another. You might see an image that seems abstract, while another makes an attempt to more literally capture the beauty of a forest. One watercolor might express joy, laughter, dancing . . . while another feels somber. I am certain you will find a variety of moods and emotions expressed through my art. Perhaps you will be inspired, even for a moment, to contemplate your own emotions.

On the more technical front . . . Watercolor art is unforgiving at times as the paint flows across the paper with its own will. Often it does not respect the intention of this artist at all. Instead, the flowing watercolor does its own thing. I rather like that, because the final art is always a surprise, even to me — especially to me!

The surprise never fails to capture an emotion, even a hidden one that I probably needed to pay attention to. That makes this creative endeavor an expression of me, and of the place in time where I find myself,  of the space I occupy and of the way I view the world around me in the moment.

I hope you enjoy browsing the images and, perhaps, if an image speaks to you,  you will want to have a print or a set of notecards for yourself.

To see the watercolors, visit this link:


Blessings to you,