WomanSpirit Tree of Life

5CBF6F03-D781-4F5B-A46D-7491FF9059EDI have always loved Tree of Life images. They remind us of our rootedness, our connectedness, our potential for flourishing growth. This Tree of Life watercolor features a woman as the giver of life. She is strong and steady, with arms ourstretched, and she stands as a foundation at the center of life. On her chest is an amulet called the “Mati or the evil eye. The evil eye amulet originated in Greece, where it was known as an “apotropaic” amulet, meaning that it reflected harm and thus protected the wearer.

The most powerful symbol in the painting is the WomanSpirit, a symbol of wisdom, strength and life-giving power.

Watercolor Prints

Those of us who choose to pursue watercolor are forever students. The medium is the Master. That’s because watercolors move and flow all over the paper. Most of the time, the paint goes exactly where it wants to go. The artist cannot usually win that battle of corralling that beautiful, vivid, flowing paint, so I try not to hem it in, but to accept its flowing as a gift. And, of course, try to guide the flowing paint into a bit of order that resembles a forest, a tree, a woman, a giraffe . . . whatever I am trying to capture.

Enjoy my paintings!

Blessings to you,


All watercolor paintings are available for purchase in various sizes.

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Our newest item is a set of ten notecards paired with soft brown craft envelopes. The watercolor print notecards pictured above are available in two designs: “Circle of Women” and “This Is Who You Are.”

Archival Prints are professionally printed with high-quality archival inks on fine art paper:

8X10 print — $38

11X14 print — $48

Vibrant color
 prints are printed on 100 lb gloss cover stock.

5 X 7 print — $15

8 1/2 X 11 print — $20

11 X 17 poster print — $25

12 X 18 poster print — $30


Color 3 X 5 notecards, including envelopes made of light brown craft paper. Each card is individually signed by the artist.

Set of ten — $12

8 1/2 X 11 prints —  $20


*Shipping & handling charges are determined after you place your order, usually around $8.

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7DD381B4-D2F8-4FAD-986D-708F473B08B1Lift Hope High!

C473648D-DBCE-4113-BBD2-196AF02D85EFThey’re Still Not Hearing Us!

06587910-7247-4693-A9A0-41EE4E1CEC84Eternity’s Muse

1A7BABBD-923C-4C7C-B09B-E0C855122CA9The Wings of the Morning
This calligraphy is rendered in ink and pastels.

797836C0-4310-4409-9021-886D380765ABRefiner’s Fire! 
Watercolor #3 of the “Transforming Injustice!” Series
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13C15BD3-7F3E-4286-B31C-AC07456E92DDRiot Gear, Projectiles, Tear Gas and Tears
Watercolor #2 in the “Transforming Injustice!” Series
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FC7FCBC1-62D0-4E8F-8729-E8FA07055DC9“I Can’t Breathe!”
Watercolor #1 of the Transforming Injustice! Series
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32D2BAC4-BED5-4E06-AE18-958494BE329B Tranquility

24A7CB52-6819-4289-B2F9-8261104D67E6 This is who you are . . .

8B52B9E5-0982-47A0-AC12-D5BA16D7C8AF Praises!

FB689AF6-F6BA-43B3-B836-B2FF0176964F Lord of the Dance

2537BE18-A417-4904-943E-96126B034AC8Misty Bayou

74A0C1D9-F67D-4CB9-8951-7E450B6A7E3DBlue Bayou


5CBF6F03-D781-4F5B-A46D-7491FF9059EDWomanSpirit Tree of Life

9849D657-5927-4F70-9BA0-06C5FD4DD077Santa 2017

F389FCA9-FFAD-4A7D-95E9-98B222C13259Friends at Sunset

Enlight139Yellow Bird

Enlight145Autumn Birds

Enlight113Celebrating Daisy!


Enlight15Paisley Birds

enlight1Gentle Spring

enlight1Just Purple

enlight1Father Christmas

enlight1A Bag of Toys



enlight1Making Spirits Bright


imageBright Day

imageGreen Forest Mist


imageBayou Dreams



imageIn the Wind

imageNorthern Lights



imagePeace Be with You

imageFrogs at Play


imageWell-Behaved Women

DE4882F5-62BC-435C-8898-55D6D285656ACircles of Women

imageThe Hummingbird

image Greek Village

imageCountry Path

imageSea Turtle

imageCherry Blossoms


imageEast African Sunset

imageFantasy African Sunset

imageRed Flowers

imageFloral Expressions

imageStormy Evening

imageBird in Stillness

imageForest Inspiration

imageThe Tree Nearby

imageGentle Forest

imageMagnolia Blossom

imageNature’s Grays


imageΠατρίθα Μου

imageCoffee by the Sea

imageHoly Ghosts I

imageForest Stream

imageMagical Forest

imageAutumn Wood

imageUgandan Washday at the River

imageA Starry Evening Sky


imageHoly Ghosts II


imageSunlight II

imageJackie’s Peacock

imageOrnamental Bird

imagePlains of Africa

imageMountain Air

imageUgandan Crested Cranes

imageFamily Tree

imageThe Weeping Tree

imageOn the River

imageThe Lighthouse

imageThe Hummer

imageMasai Mara

imageBamboo Garden





imageSafari Colors



2F698D34-980C-446F-9148-A0E558E2EEE2Blue Peacock