A Way in the Wilderness

Painting “A Way in the Wilderness” was a time of emotional and spiritual reflection for me. Finding myself in a wilderness place, I retreated to my quiet space of watercolor art. There I uncovered my spirit’s pain and, as paint flowed onto paper, I discovered that not only is there a way in every wilderness, there are also flowing rivers in the desert for me, and for all.

“A Way in the Wilderness” is categorized in my gallery as contemplative art.

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Refiner’s Fire!


“Refiner’s Fire!” is watercolor #3 In the Transforming Injustice! Series.

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The painting is inspired by a photo of a Minneapolis check-cashing business burning to the ground as a protester raises his fist. (Photographer: John Minchillo / AP)

This watercolor is almost completely filled with fire — raging, out of control, consuming fire. In the center, a man stands in the embers unafraid, raising a clenched fist. Why is he raising his fist? In protest of racial injustice? Or perhaps to welcome the refiner’s fire, the kind of fire it will require for America to dismantle racial injustice! 

WomanSpirit Tree of Life

5CBF6F03-D781-4F5B-A46D-7491FF9059EDI have always loved Tree of Life images. They remind us of our rootedness, our connectedness, our potential for flourishing growth. This Tree of Life watercolor features a woman as the giver of life. She is strong and steady, with arms ourstretched, and she stands as a foundation at the center of life. On her chest is an amulet called the “Mati or the evil eye. The evil eye amulet originated in Greece, where it was known as an “apotropaic” amulet, meaning that it reflected harm and thus protected the wearer.

The most powerful symbol in the painting is the WomanSpirit, a symbol of wisdom, strength and life-giving power.